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Popular Plugins

Mouse Event Tracker

It tracks mouse events like move, enter, leave and click on any HTML object. You can play the recorded events. also, you can select the frequency of recording.

Video Heatmap

Video Heatmap allows you to see exactly what people are interesting in. It shows engagement graph to describe audence response to the video.

Dynamic Form Filter

When you are trying to create some filter which has multiple parameters for filtering. You can create it by using this. It has option to define filter fields with all type of form elements.

Dynamic Template

It gives you power to create dynamic template which has image and rich text. It has three type of templates with preview and save option.

Report Widget

Report widget help you to create different kind of graphs of your data stats. It gives you option to download that report in PDF and CSV file.

Bootstrap Message

To generate a message with various message types like info, success, warning and error. You can make it auto hide and removable. It has option to open on anywhere on page.

How We Work

Plugin Development

We build our all plugin using latest technologies with compatibility and customizable.

Plugin Planing

We build plugins after understand the common need to make it more useful.

Additional Freebie

Array Utility

In Array utility library, we have lots of utility methods

BJ Music

bluejson (BJ) music player is a mp3 player using HTML5. Where you can listen music with playlist feature. One can ask for any song to listen.


Game and Graph

Shady Puzzle

Coming Soon!!!

Live Graph

Coming Soon!!!

Bar Graph

Coming Soon!!!