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About Us

bluejson is a JavaScript library. It's free and always will be. It has various libraries, plugins, graphs, games and themes. We provide solution for needy. Someone can request for a library or plugin, we create it for them. We gives you strong, stable and safe solution. Which is customizable and easy to use.

bluejson gives you plugins and libraries developed in latest technologies and compatible with various version of dependent libraries.

We have experience in all latest technologies and capable enough to learn new technologies in few days. We have almost 3 years of experience in plugin development. In terms of technologies, we are capable in HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Yeoman, Bower and Grunt. Now we are creating free templates using bootstrap, Games in HTML5 and Graph using D3.js.

What We Offer

Plugins and Libraries

bluejson has various plugins and libraries to make your work easy and more efficient. All plugins are compatible and easy to use.

Games and Graphs

We are developing many HTML5 Games with lots of customizable features. For Graphs we have lots of ideas to show your data and stats.

BJ Music Player

bluejson (BJ) music player is a mp3 player using HTML5. Where you can listen music with playlist feature. One can ask for any song to listen.

About Me

Yogesh Kumar

Hi! My name is Yogesh Kumar and i am a 27 years old full stack developer.

Nice to meet you!

I love programming, singing, making algorithms and cooking. I am good at Python and JavaScript development. Enjoy helping others and learn more. Enthusiast and Passionate about pushing front end development to the next level. Ability to work independently and seek answers.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.